How Eating Raw Fruits and Vegetables Can Be of Importance to Your Health

According to a new study, when you consume raw fruits and vegetables, you could be relieving depressive symptoms and boosting your mental health. The researchers discovered that those people who ate more produce while in its natural, uncooked state showed their psychological wellness to be of higher levels than those who consumed mostly cooked alternatives.

These researchers from the New Zealand’s University of Otago surveyed 422 adults, who were between 18 and 25 years old. The study also took into account other factors relating to the lifestyles of the participants. These included things like socioeconomic status, BMI (Body Mass Index), physical activity, and overall diet. Even though researchers found it difficult to identify a specific principle of causation for their results, they theorized that the connection might be down to the profusion of micronutrients available in fruits and vegetables, which tend to be easily absorbed when taken in their raw states. The study read that fresh fruits and veggies might supply more substantial amounts of micronutrients to your body and mind compared to processed food and vegetables. The research continues to say that this could illustrate their stronger relation to improved mental well-being.

Consuming Raw Produce vs Cooked Produce

In addition, the researchers implied that the entire process involved in cooking and preserving food would most probably result in the nutrients being degraded, thus limiting their usefulness in mental health. Having said that, it does not mean that cooked food has no benefits to your mental health. Researchers found out that eating cooked foods was associated with having an improved mood.

Despite that, when compared to the countless advantages encountered by those people who consumed more raw vegetables and fruits, the benefits were clear. Some of the advantages linked to increased consumption of raw vegetables and fruits include:

  • Reduced depressive symptoms
  • Greater life satisfaction
  • Improved mood

Which types of Raw Fruits and Vegetables Should I Consume?

The study also pinpointed a few fruits and vegetables which you could take and enjoy any of these benefits. These include cucumber, fresh berries, kiwi, citrus fruits, lettuce, grapefruit, dark leafy greens, apples, bananas, and carrots. With regard to raw vegetables, red onion, mushroom, tomato, cabbage, and celery showed some strong correlations with positive mood.

We know now that the consumption of raw and unprocessed foods facilitates optimal well-being. It is prudent that you make it a habit to eat any of the mentioned unprocessed produce.

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