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Age & Exercise

There are a variety of reasons why we become more sedentary and slow down as we get older. Some of the reasons may include pain or weight issues, health problems, mental issues, or concerns about slipping or falling. Perhaps, many older people feel that exercise is something that is simply not for them. They may feel that it is too late to begin an exercise program. However, there are many excellent studies that have shown that the older we get, the more important an active lifestyle becomes for your overall health and well-being.

Besides, getting up and moving about will help to maintain your independence, boost your energy levels, help to manage any symptoms of weight or pain, help with an assortment of illnesses, protect and strengthen your heart, and keep you looking young and attractive. There is no question about it, a regular exercise program will be beneficial for your mood, body, mind, and memory. It does not matter what age you are. However, what does matters is that you start to become more active so as to improve your outlook on life and overall mental and physical health.

There was an interesting study done in Sweden that indicated that even a small amount of physical activity could add extra years to your life. This was true even for people who did not begin their exercise program until their senior years. The study showed that exercise and physical activity are not simply a matter of adding additional years to a person’s life but rather it was more about adding life to your years. As you exercise, not only will you look better but you will feel more energetic and notice a greater sense of well-being.

You basically can break down the benefits of exercise into 2 categories, physical health benefits, and mental health benefits. For example, as a person grows older they often have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight. Exercising helps with this because it will increase your metabolism while at the same time building muscle mass. The more muscle that you have simply means that you now have the ability to more effectively burn calories.

Exercise also provides mental benefits such as better sleep, more self-confidence, and an active brain. It will prevent dementia, cognitive decline, and memory loss. It will also help to reduce anxiety, depression, or feelings of sadness. Therefore, should people exercise as they grow old? The obvious answer is, yes.